A ‘Damned’ Soul

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A ‘damned’ soul Rebuked. Obvious contempt cast down A sinner “She’ll rot in hell”, some murmur Night falls Suddenly an angel laid on heavenly bed in a small chamber whispering endearments The Venus of their lustful play Satisfied, they leave Once stepped out she is a ‘damned’ soul. Image Courtesy : http://vincent.j.michel.free.fr

From God With Love

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In a garden of flowers I was a bud about to bloom . And when I bloomed, I opened my eyes, Stood there an angel Beautiful she was. Her eyes were like the stars, With tears of joy, And undying love. Years passed by and the nights grew old, But that love she had is…

Too Much Is (Never) Enough

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  You think you’re too much or worse, you think you’re not enough. Implying there needs to be just the right amount of everything inside you – Implying there needs to be balance to make yourself seem whole complete – A flawless human being.   But what is enough and what is too much? Where…

Perfect Score

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Beautiful melodies poured from her black and white keys He was pleased; She was happy. Then he began to find flaws: a note missing here and there, a sharp instead of a natural, a minor key for a major one. She tried hard, to tune her melodies to his rhythm But, day by day, he…

Dancer In The Dark

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Come closer, dearest…come on. Do you see that little fire dancing Gaily in the dark? Brave against the wind’s soft music Clay lamp in the garden? It’s pretty, isn’t it? I see the gentle Light wash over your black hair, deep eyes, your loving heart… Splendid for a mere minute. Swaying young ephemeral hips in…

So I Will Wait

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I was never the girl to be picked up from a bar. I was silent in school. I didn’t see my dad too often. Now you are reading and thinking it’s going to be one of those stories about daddy issues. I don’t know if it is. I have insecurities. I know I’m fucked up…


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We belong to the generation Brought up in suspicion. We were taught to suspect the other, The dark skinned, The ones with red dots, The slight edge to the accent. We were taught to be vigilant, Of live bombs, that would Set themselves a blast, Of parcels left unattended, Surprise gifts that would kill. We…

The Saffron Robe

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She waits- At the gate To see a glimpse Of the man she love, The man who loved her. So dearly, So tenderly, So honestly, So passionately.   She waits- At the gate To see a glimpse Of that turbulent past, In his deep brown eyes, A trace of remembrance, A trace of nostalgia, A…

Again & Again

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Together we walk over this landscape everything looks too familiar, everything the same as yesterday. At the churchyard, we read names on the tombstones. In  the woods, we carve out our names on ancient trees. In the meadows, we lie down on the grass facing infinity. Again and again we walk together over this landscape. Again…

Dear Child

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My dear child So naive and mild This world so wild But don’t be viled. There will be smiles Which won’t reach eyes Please be wise To see through sweet lies. There will be tears Which won’t cause smears Your worries and fears Will bring only sneers. But, my sweet child So naive and mild…

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