About Us

Inappropriate Commas is a web based platform created for the purpose of sharing poetry, prose and multimedia, and creating a community amongst our contributors and readers by means of creativity, expression and freedom of speech.

With the intention of organising workshops, publishing opportunities and collaboration in the world of art, this website hopes to base our roots in Sri Lanka and branch into several international markets such as Brisbane, Melbourne and London.

If you’re a reader;

We intend on providing you with the most diverse pieces of work and providing mind food to the public. Points for improvement, constructive criticism and general feedback are greatly appreciated. Remember, only you can help us on our journey of getting bigger and better.

If you’re a writer;

New to art? Not to worry, we will help you sail smooth through your creative journey with feedback, workshops and supportive companionship. You can obtain mentors and poetry buddies through the community that we hope to build, starting from scratch and reaching dizzying heights.

Once approved, we intend on giving your work the kind of exposure and publicity that you may find difficult to obtain on your own. With extensive social media and digital marketing campaigns as well as live events, you will get the opportunity to network, collaborate and work with publishers and fellow writers in order to expand your opportunities in the world of art.

Our Team

Presently, we’re a trio of international students, born and bred in Sri Lanka, looking for a way to reach new platforms and people, expand and grow both artistically and personally. We’d love to hear your ideas and proposals in maintaining a healthy audience and growing bigger. If you have any sort of contribution to the cause, feel free to contact us.

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