Author: Abdul Shiraz


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I like the colour blue, I was the colour blue, Melancholy sorrow, dreams and solitude.   In a world where most were yellow, I chose to remain blue. I refused to fall victim to this sickness, refused to let it taint my hue.   She was a fine shade of cyan when we met, her…


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I played the right melody for the wrong one too many times. Plucking these heartstrings to tunes, they’ve wanted to hear.   Strumming to their humming. Smiles it brought upon their faces. For me, I am a mad musician, Forever craving the high of approval, Attention.   The sweet symphony I’ve played for, lovers before…


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    This one is dedicated to the kids like me The kids who can’t look past the Ds and the Es The kids who try their hardest to make their parents proud, but all they get is cut down, Society expects everyone to pass these exams, But the harsh reality is, not everyone is…


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Sat in a car at an empty parking lot, Two stories, both different, said by the same. The tongue spewed words, but with every pause, the eyes, they spoke differently. A hint of truth in the way tears streamed down her face. He tried to dry them, but she moved away. Afraid his touch would…


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These pictures tell stories Of the places I never came to Of the firsts and the lasts I missed Of sleepless nights and hopeful mornings   These pictures, I want to forget, Want to remember, Want to burn, want to frame These pictures, Hold me together, tear me apart   These pictures I now toss…

House By The Lake

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I remember we built a little house by the lake. A cobblestone path lead up the front porch. Two armchairs just in place to watch the sunset over the mountains. The crystal blue water of the lake reminiscent of the little ring I got made for the day we turn this house into a home….

I Know Nothing

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Go Listen to this on Katha You tell me I know nothing of sorrow When sorrows been my only friend You tell me you know how I feel While all my life I’ve been trying to heal From the pain of being misread You say I know nothing of pain While the scars on me…


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I will sing you a lullaby, to put your demons to sleep, I’ll sing words sweet and true, but you wont believe me, for you think you aren’t worthy of praise and affection. When I tell you, your body is a garden of roses, your head is a morbid wonderland and your soul is pure…


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There will no longer be a key under the mat, but a sign on the door that says “Vacancy”. Don’t sit by the steps waiting, hoping I’d show up, because I won’t.   When you left, I spent day after day, waiting by the front porch, hoping, praying, you’d be back.   Watching the sun…

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