Author: Aanisha Cuttilan


Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes

I loved him. His brown eyes and large hands that held me too tight sometimes His wanting that would turn me to stone and the cold I felt when he held me – I loved him. It wasn’t uncommon when a loud and resounding ‘no’ clawed its way up my throat but sound failed at…

Preach Hate

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We live in a country where love is practiced in hushed tones Under the privacy of an umbrella, In the confines of a room of a run-down establishment. And hatred – Hatred is practiced in broad daylight. In a fence, a scream, a kick to the gut, In the mutilation of a national flag. In…


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  Go Listen to this on Katha Smoke, Liquid, Pill, Needle, Flesh, Addiction is a dangerous game and if there was one thing I loathed about myself, it was that baby, I was hopelessly addicted to you. And with you gone, there was a blank space there was an echoing void screaming, I had to…


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You sprouted in my eyes; crinkling the edges and Growing with Shied away glances, Failed pickup lines, and Mischief flitting across dilated pupils, Whispering: I dare you.   You spread like wildfire; with every shared chuckle And every grazing of hands that were too new to be held.   You marked territories in my chest;…

Rules of a Sri Lankan Man

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  To be a true and honest Sri Lankan man, you need to make pedestrian women feel as uncomfortable as you possibly can. Honk your horns at her. Wolf whistle. Let her see the lust and longing, as you slowly undress her with your eyes, when you sit across her in a train. Do this…

Chest Cavities

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There was something beautiful about chest cavities; Like someone was important enough to grow in you, to make themselves a home in the very core of your being Like someone was worthy enough to open up to, to see parts of you you tried so hard to conceal Like someone was special enough to take…


Interpret This

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I spent 5 hours trapped on a plane; You trapped within my mind, My eyes squeezed shut, Reminiscing your touch. Nostalgia is a dirty liar. Who knew my mind was a closet, and skeletons were so easy to love? I spent 4 days to myself Trying to differentiate between Who I was and who I…

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