Blue Black Dress


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So, I’m assuming all of you have heard about the blue

and black dress that recently broke the Internet,

which created chaos within our minds, pushed us

to question the fragile unreliability between reality and illusion

some saw white and gold, others blue and black,

and even though it is originally claimed to be blue & black,

how on earth are we supposed to trust our own senses now?

Our own perception?

In this deteriorating world where we are constantly

flooded with thoughts and ideas that question

everything around us, that question our existence

and the probabilities of which religion

leans more towards right than wrong.


So what are we supposed to hold on to, when science-

the collector of facts and statistics- backfires on us?

When it allows us to question the basic biology of perception?


According to a neuroscientist, this individual difference in colour

has risen because our “visual system is discounting

the chromatic bias of the daylight axis” in varying ways.

If our brain has the ability to change the perception

of gold to black, we cannot rely on our mind

to perceive anything accurately.

It is at the very core of our being; the instinct to feel,

to adapt, to depend on our senses.

This allows the human body as a vessel, to anchor our soul.

Without this, our existence would be the equivalent of nothing.

And they say drugs are illegal because they strip you off reality?

The hallucinations could be a figment of the same reality.


So what are we supposed to hold onto,

when our brains can distort the perception of colour?

When it can brainwash us to perceive right and wrong on opposite ends?


Maybe this is the reason that we perceive our love as pain,

our attachment as obsession, our forever as no more.

When you first told me you were in love with me,

I saw blue & black in you, but as the years went by

sometimes there were flickers of white & gold,

and all I can do is wonder what colour our true love is.

What if we see different colours in each other?

Does that mean I can never love you the way you love me?

Because no matter how much we try,

we can never seem to focus on blue & black,

on what makes us, us.

Gold & white lingers around the corners of our heart,

slowly building up the doubts,

slowly distorting our perception

of what we truly see,

and feel.


So what am I supposed to hold on to,

when I can never understand your love for me?

When I can never make you understand?


We are slaves to our body and still we end up living for years,

trying to stumble upon the fleeting bliss found by believing

that we have even a tiny amount of control over our own life.


Humanity will crumble under the weight of religion and science,

until it fades into the sky, tainting it with the grey smoke of our essence.

The blue and black dress, that broke the internet

is a ticking time bomb, and we are only seconds away

from realising that the reality is that

we know nothing of this life we are supposed to live.

There are no illusions, it is just a word which clouds

the flaws of perception.


So what are we supposed to hold on to, when we finally discover

that there is no line at all between reality and illusion?

That it is just a glitch in our perception?


Right would be wrong, and wrong would be right

and all you can do is try to comprehend

that it is your mind that is in control.

You perceive what your mind wants you to perceive.

Your mind is your only reality,

and you, just a hallucination.


So, what are we supposed to hold on to?


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