You sprouted in my eyes;

crinkling the edges and

Growing with

Shied away glances,

Failed pickup lines, and

Mischief flitting across dilated pupils,

Whispering: I dare you.


You spread like wildfire;

with every shared chuckle

And every grazing of hands

that were too new to be held.


You marked territories in my chest;

With every newly opened door, and

Lame pun that I laughed too hard at.

With each time you enveloped me

in your all too gracious arms

And I knew for certain

that you touched so much more

than just my body.


Time did what it did

making you stretch into

the crevices of my being

I was stupid enough not to guard.

The walls I let fall down

so easy because

I didn’t know better.


Time did what it did and;

Parts of you began to wilt,

with each unreturned call and

The lack of a text I thought too much about.

Ferns falling with each hour

I stared at my phone,

Hoping you’d be less busy

And that maybe a fragment of me

would have flitted across

the territories in your chest.

Realising a little too late,

that I forgot to label my picket fence,

‘private property, keep out’.


This wildfire roaring within me

was running out of fuel

pretty damn fast,

And all I could think to feed off was;

The way you refused to hold my hand in public

Or the countless times I thought I smelled

Something that wasn’t you

on the collar of the shirt

we bought together.


Each time I thought

the strain laced into your voice

was caused by genuine stress,

and not the need to make up a story

To satiate the best interests

of the girl on the phone

And the body of the trespasser

your all too gracious hands

were now touching.


It’s unfortunate;

All the things we could have been,

If it weren’t for the

Excitement of the chase

and the inevitable dishonesty

that was bound to follow.


Turning mischief into manipulation,

Dilated pupils into unwilling deceit,

Portraying eyes, now downcast,

Each time questions laced with doubt

Demanded to be answered;

“Am I the only one?”,

Furrowing the space between eyebrows

each time I heard you lie,


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