Dancer In The Dark

Come closer, dearest…come on.

Do you see that little fire dancing

Gaily in the dark?

Brave against the wind’s soft music

Clay lamp in the garden? It’s pretty, isn’t it?

I see the gentle

Light wash over your black hair, deep eyes, your loving heart…

Splendid for a mere minute.

Swaying young ephemeral hips in a blazing gown, chest heaves,

Fiery hair flying free

Flowing higher, glowing

fingertips brush the air-On every tree a reflection painted, splashed with light.

Little dancer in the dark,

Warm forever my heart…

Ignite a blaze beneath my skin, gently touch

This soul beneath.

Banish away my faults, my tears, be the single light in my long night-

Embrace me my darling, my

Daring dancer in the dark.


Impermanent as pure flame.

An everlasting memory to us both.



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