“Heartless girl” they called her, you see her sitting with others, smiling, laughing, messing around…have you looked beyond those smiles? To see what she’s feeling inside? To see those lines of stress across her forehead? The dark bags underneath her eyes, how her smile drops all of sudden and her eyes take on a distant look. Have you noticed how on some days she sounds really mean and pissed off and on some days she looks like she doesn’t even care if the sky fell down? How lifeless she looks yet whenever you ask for help from her, she’s always there for you if it’s within her capabilities.

Remember when you all talked behind her back? Judging her for who she is, her behavior, her lack of emotions other than being happy or angry. Remember when you called her heartless? Maybe you don’t but she does. Her reply to you was simple, “Even my mother and sister call me ‘a heartless woman'”. You apologized she waved it off, because to her it didn’t matter, she had bigger issues…much worse monsters inside her head. Remember how your parents judged her based on the rumors they heard, yet whenever you were in trouble she was the first person you called to and she was there for you in an instant.

Remember when she was rude to you because you asked her to choose to between friends and family and she chose family, she was angry with you because you gave an ultimatum to her only. She believes that this is a free country and that everyone has the freedom of choosing what they can and cannot do. You saw her angry but you thought that she was being unreasonable, but no…She was angry because she couldn’t express her sadness, she didn’t like tears.

Remember when the cat died and she was there acting as if nothing happened and you called her “heartless” once again and she just looked at you with no expression?

You were too quick to judge her, everyone was. No one understood what she has been through and no one bothered to ask her. Only a few offered a hug, which she was glad to accept because sometimes a hug is all you want. Just remember you’ll never meet someone like her because even if you find her “heartless” she had one of the most generous hearts, full of love.


Image Courtsey: http://67.media.tumblr.com

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