I Know Nothing

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You tell me I know nothing of sorrow
When sorrows been my only friend
You tell me you know how I feel
While all my life I’ve been trying to heal
From the pain of being misread
You say I know nothing of pain
While the scars on me have something else to say
You tell me I don’t know the world
I say, you don’t know me.

I hide a million thoughts behind a mask I wear every day with no choice, I wear this skin
I wake up to an emptiness within
like a hollow tunnel both ways shining a light but with nowhere to go
They ask you to go towards the light
Enlighten yourself.
Tell me which side you’d choose?
You live in the same monotony
Eat, sleep, pretend, repeat.

You tell me I know nothing
But I know enough to write a book but I don’t because ignorance is bliss
And I choose
To ignore
You narrow minded, backward, piles of shit that make life harder for people like me

You say I know nothing
But I know enough to fill a whole library but I don’t
Because I don’t seek attention
I don’t need your help
I’ve helped myself with blades and caffeine for enough years to know
but you say I know nothing

Let me tell you what I know
I know what it’s like to be used
To grow up alone
To survive
To be dangerous
To be
And yet you say I know nothing

You say I know nothing of sorrow, know nothing of depression, know nothing of cuts and scars, fights, loneliness.
I would invite you to see the world through my eyes
Wear my shoes
Grab a seat, watch the curtains rise
See yourself on stage
Just as I see myself
And you realize,
You’re not an actor,
But a puppet
And the puppeteer;
With every pull of the string, you are forced to comply and move
But what you don’t see
Is that you can break free
And I broke free
And yet,
You say,
I know nothing

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