One Night Stand


My heart beat in unison
With the rising crescendo of raindrops
Pounding on the tin roof
Announcing the arrival
Of the monsoon, my love

The ground still damp
The air heavy and humid
The distinct smell, evident
The white walls turned gray
The crude bruises still raw..

Everywhere I stare in dismay
Lies what was mine until yesterday
Wondering how to hide these
The clothes, torn, caught in his urgency
The carcasses of ownership…

Of what’s mine…. Robbed by him
And I lay bare…. Raped… Hurt..
By the one night stand…
Dreading the arrival…
Of my lover, who just got late.

And my heart beat in unison
With the rising crescendo of raindrops
The monsoon making its entrance
When the hurricane is not yet done with
His violent filing of a sadistic affair…


This verse is written on the aftermath of the devastating storm that caused torrential rains to my island resulting in massive flood and landslides displacing about 400000 people.

This occurred just before the onset of routine monsoon season to the island.
The initial disaster is settling now….
But the signs of the monsoon all so familiar is at our doors now…
And at night, when the monsoon rain bangs on my roof, I feel the fear of the people affected by the flood, a few days back…..

Hurrican is gone
Monsoons are in….

The impulsive fling ends
My steady is at my door….
And the doorbell rings



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