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I waited anxiously. Knew it would come soon. Slowly at first, then with monstrous vigour, The dark clouds that spread, threatened to swallow the hemisphere. The treacherous seagulls fled. I tried desperately to light a candle, To ward off the darkness, that promised to engulf me, But nowhere I could find a lighter. The howling wind was the only music heard in the labyrinth, except for the worried beat of my own heart. I tried to recall the happy tunes, that were played years ago, But no melody lives in the chambers of my head. The force of the gale shattered all the windows. Broken glasses scattered everywhere. I struggled to put them back into their former shape, But the shards of glass dug into my skin. Oozing blood, I winced in pain. I cannot put the shattered pieces back in place. Outside, the trees danced to the violent rhythm of the storm, Creating ghost-like shadows that haunt me. The pitch blackness entertained their wile efforts, No light in the vicinity to chase them off. I prayed hard, for this torment to end, for the pain to disappear, for the fear to ebb, for the darkness to fade, for a light to save. Suddenly I woke up. All around me is quiet. What was that nightmare? I could not fathom, It is only a phantom, I told myself. Image Courtesy:


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“Heartless girl” they called her, you see her sitting with others, smiling, laughing, messing around…have you looked beyond those smiles? To see what she’s feeling inside? To see those lines of stress across her forehead? The dark bags underneath her eyes, how her smile drops all of sudden and her eyes take on a distant…

One Night Stand

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  My heart beat in unison With the rising crescendo of raindrops Pounding on the tin roof Announcing the arrival Of the monsoon, my love The ground still damp The air heavy and humid The distinct smell, evident The white walls turned gray The crude bruises still raw.. Everywhere I stare in dismay Lies what…

The Seasons

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The winter reminded her of the way he held her close. The smell of the fireplace in her neighbor’s chimney, the pine trees, and evergreens and gently falling snow glowing orange under the street light. Heating was expensive, so they used blankets instead. Blankets and each other. She learned what made him the person that…

Who Am I?

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Who am I? A kind compassionate soul burdened with tolerance, Tolerance of any rebuke, any injustice, Self-defense denied by the law of obedience.   Who am I? A superhuman to toil for others, With no reward in return, Not even a single word of appreciation .    Who am I? A free spirit chastised as…

Let Go

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You told me, if this doesn’t work out, we will let go of each other, let’s not just stay and be hurt. I agreed. Because I knew, we wouldn’t ever be perfect. But I did try. I tried with all my heart. Against all fiber of my being. I remember that day you held my…

The Missing

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There will come a day when you will miss her. When you least expect it, There will be an emptiness within that you can’t quite place. You will miss her in parts. Her sleepy smile, And her complete inability to be less of anything. You will miss the way she loves and the way she…

Run Little One

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Run little one From the whispering raspy voices, the vacant white-eyed stares of the ghosts watching you. Do you feel them creeping closer? Run little one From the darkness creeping in, tendrils tugging at your ankles as your feet pound against the rocks. They are getting closer. Run little one To the edge, that beckons…

Change of Colour

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Blue and purple eyeshadows and the bloody red lipstick are the only make up my face knows. They are permanent. Painted by your fists.   I do not attempt to differ, For you will paint me again the same. Every day I beg you not to apply the same colours, But you do not seem…


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  When his knuckles broke the bridge of her nose She wilted away like a withered rose The blood stained like an ugly face painting And she fell down in pain and passed out crying. The nose healed, though a little not straight, But she only wanted to be okay, not great. For the wounds…

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