Perfect Love

If it’s the truth you seek,

I can only be certain of this;

my love for you has changed.

I have come to accept

that your heart is free to find music

in anybody’s heartstrings,

that I’m a mere speck of stardust

in a constellation of your thoughts,

that I am probably not the cure

nor the correct answer

but maybe temporary relief

and just another question

that you, you body,

is not meant to be held prisoner

by my love for possession

but is a geography to be explored,

that if this moment is a stage

you’re the protagonist

in this act I scribe

and I am content

being the extra with no lines,

even if I am losing at this game

we baptized ‘love’. I love you

without expectation or contempt; endlessly, and

without regret.

And my love for you has changed

from affection

to a euphoric form of self-sacrifice,

and this perfect love is all I have for you.

This, you can keep forever,

for as long as you like,

or leave it behind if we ever say



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