Perfect Score

Beautiful melodies poured

from her black and white keys

He was pleased;

She was happy.

Then he began to find flaws:

a note missing here and there,

a sharp instead of a natural,

a minor key for a major one.

She tried hard,

to tune her melodies to his rhythm

But, day by day, he appreciated less,

Finding flaws in every piece of hers.

He told her that her music is bland,

that she has no taste,

that she cannot ever write a perfect score.

She was baffled,

for not long ago they were perfect for him

She could not fathom this sudden change

Then she saw him with a new melodist,

and understood the reason

A shock wave tore all her written scores

The black and white keys abandoned their chores,

creating only laments in the course.

They were not her forte,

though she wrote them

to ease the burn she feels inside.

She went on for a while

with her miserable laments

Frustrated by its dullness

Angry at the same time

with the fallen melodist inside.

She reviewed her music

and sought the flaws,

that he said filled her music.

Then she realized,

It’s not any flaw in her music

but his need to change melodists

that drew him away.

Pain flew out of herself

Happy feelings crept in,

knowing her music intact;

knowing they are perfect scores.

The fallen melodist lifted herself up,

With the new-born energy of self-worth,

And the beautiful melodies once again

poured from her black and white keys.

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