Pray To God


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Keep praying to God.

Maybe one day he will hear your prayers,

Maybe he will hear your cries of fake justice as you kill in his name.

Maybe one day he will think of granting you the mercy you claim to give others by murder.

Keep praying to God.

Hopefully, he will listen to your prayers instead of those that tumble out of widowed wives mouths.

Hope, with all your heart, that he cares more about the fact that his name is uttered like a battle cry,

And not that his houses lay burned to the ground and his children lay bloody on the floor.

Keep praying to God,

Every time you send a woman onto the battleground,

For men’s relief in the name of God.

It’s alright. It’s for the greater Good.

For God.

Keep praying to God,

As you watch the greenery reduced to ashes and blood.

As the cries carry on into the night,

Until there is no cry at all.

As men put their swords away, seen no need for it now.

The resistance is eradicated.

All you have is the ‘purest of the pure’.

Clothes bloody from a so – called war,

Against the innocent.

Against the unarmed.

Against the little boys and girls,

Attacked for believing something a little different.

Leave your head bowed down on the ground.

Five times is not enough to remove the sins that cloak your soul.

Five times is not enough to cleanse the air from the stench of rotting corpses and drying


Five times is not enough.

Keep your head bowed down on the ground, please.

Keep praying until your throat is hoarse from crying his name.

Keep praying.

Keep praying to him.

What else do you do, if there is no one to listen to your prayers?

Too much blood on your hands, too many axes sharpened and raised for there to be no one to see.

Too much blood to not have anyone wipe it off.

“Aazu billahhi minashaitan irrajim. Bismillah ir rahman ir raheem.”

Allah, listen to my prayers.

Allah, are you there?


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