Preach Hate

We live in a country where

love is practiced in hushed tones

Under the privacy of an umbrella,

In the confines of a room

of a run-down establishment.

And hatred –

Hatred is practiced in broad daylight.

In a fence, a scream, a kick to the gut,

In the mutilation of a national flag.

In the degrading of a man

for the language he speaks.


The masses will wear a pottu,

a hijab, a saffron robe,

They will glare distastefully,

wrinkle their eyebrows at;

Girls trying to love,

Men trying to love,

Children trying to love.

Whisper unkind words –

“Who raised this child?”

Then they will switch on a TV

and listen wide-eyed`

To the hatred that is being funnelled

into the tiny enclosed space

that is their mind.


Hatred preached

to manipulate the minds of the ignorant,

To feed fuel into an unchecked fire

that will burn Trust

It will burn Unity and Compassion

Burn till all that is left is Deceit and Rage

blaring through the microphone

of an establishment that

claimed to teach Peace.


In the minds of the masses,

things will burn –

Burn Common Sense,

Burn Humanity.


The men sitting atop lofty, concrete monoliths –

they know how to mind-bend and manipulate,

To customise your protests

to fit their own personal agenda.

They know what they preach,

and have come to realise that

Love has no place in the way for

power and superiority.

So they will tell you

Love is sinful.

You have to remember,

Hatred is profitable


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