The sky is in a yellow glow of ominous silence. The call to dusk prayer has just ended.

5 seconds. 10 seconds. Of silence.

Then I hear, a slow drone of jet propellers. The sound begins to fill the sky. Bit, by bit, by bit. Like ink spreading across a yellow tissue.

My eyes are watching the noise. My ears are seeing it.

They get louder. Now mimicking locusts in flight.

From my upward gaze, my eyes slowly drag my sight downward. Dragging it in a manner between reluctance and haste, between inertia and speed, yet slowly.

They dip down and then slightly upward to find him and his standing gaze to the left of me.

My sight meets his eyes. Knowing. Confirming.

My ears tuned on the sound, so near, 2 minutes to be exactly overhead.

Inside me, my stomach. Churns. The Rich fluid of anticipation, fear and awakening. In the process of producing something stronger than strength.

My heart contracts so deeply.. like the sea drawing back large waves… like a deep breath taken in. Then expelling blood with so much force enough to drown every cell in a second. Sending forth not just red rushing down veins, but every ounce of courage it could muster. Every grain of energy it possessed.

Outwardly my jaw tightened, ever so gently, you would not have noticed if you hadn’t been watching me closely.

My eyes turned inward.

The wait was over. It was Time.


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