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Dancer In The Dark

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Come closer, dearest…come on. Do you see that little fire dancing Gaily in the dark? Brave against the wind’s soft music Clay lamp in the garden? It’s pretty, isn’t it? I see the gentle Light wash over your black hair, deep eyes, your loving heart… Splendid for a mere minute. Swaying young ephemeral hips in…

The Seasons

Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes

The winter reminded her of the way he held her close. The smell of the fireplace in her neighbor’s chimney, the pine trees, and evergreens and gently falling snow glowing orange under the street light. Heating was expensive, so they used blankets instead. Blankets and each other. She learned what made him the person that…

She Is

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She is the unyielding post in the poetic mind, tall against the artist’s fears. Of loss of mind, art mortality and never believing glory’s near. All verses flow forth unrestrained, still tethered at her slender frame. Happiness and tears in a creative inky flow, Through this pen gush onto paper from our inner open doors….


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Existing on a higher plane, He thought of death in his sleep. Feeling each canvas like his own sweet lover. Nothing was stronger than the sensation of her Thinking of the follies of life he painted, rough whiteness under his brush. Looking into men’s souls, He laughed at them and called them fools. What talent…


Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes

Humans are tactile creatures. It is in our nature. But for some, it goes beyond nature, it is developed. It is an integral part of who they are. That holds true in my life. My life revolves around touch, one might say I am enslaved by it. As an artist, every piece I create is…

The Artist

Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes

Let me paint your mind, I want you to listen to the colours, the sounds they make as they melt into my canvass. Each colour has a personality, some blend well and complement one another and some tend to conceal and stand out on their own. Let me look inside and see which colours you…

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