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Again & Again

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Together we walk over this landscape everything looks too familiar, everything the same as yesterday. At the churchyard, we read names on the tombstones. In  the woods, we carve out our names on ancient trees. In the meadows, we lie down on the grass facing infinity. Again and again we walk together over this landscape. Again…


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  When his knuckles broke the bridge of her nose She wilted away like a withered rose The blood stained like an ugly face painting And she fell down in pain and passed out crying. The nose healed, though a little not straight, But she only wanted to be okay, not great. For the wounds…

Unspoken Syllables

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You dust a little sparkle on your freckled face Brush a coat of bliss Palpitations -hoping to amaze Hoping to be the tie’s koumiss You cripple with every tear Smile with every chime You treasure the eyes that speared Your soul- a blessed crime You stroll through orchards Of ripened dreams Excavating thy vein You…


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Thasbeeh Beads

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The low rumbling of a prayer I don’t quite understand, The soft, half-hearted chant of ‘Ameen’ through sleepy lips and drooping eyelids; This house has all the workings and trimmings of a perfect Muslim family.   The values instilled in us for generations will refuse to be revoked or doubted or looked at curiously. Surer…

Jihad Zindabad

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Preach to me, Baghdadi, I am uneducated in the rules of war. Read to me scriptures from the Book of Jihad. Will I glimpse Allah’s noor in the Eyes of those drawing their last breath? Will their fading light be mine? Will I hear the azan in the deafening? Shrieks of the slaughtered? How many…

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