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  When his knuckles broke the bridge of her nose She wilted away like a withered rose The blood stained like an ugly face painting And she fell down in pain and passed out crying. The nose healed, though a little not straight, But she only wanted to be okay, not great. For the wounds…


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I loved him. His brown eyes and large hands that held me too tight sometimes His wanting that would turn me to stone and the cold I felt when he held me – I loved him. It wasn’t uncommon when a loud and resounding ‘no’ clawed its way up my throat but sound failed at…

An ode to you who has ever been compared to a flower

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When he compares you to a flower, he sees you tender and graceful against his summer breeze, he sees you alive and dancing in his soft embrace. But you, you do not need the wind to feel alive nor seasons to bloom; you are not petals or stems or metaphors, you are not a tamed…

On Feminism

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  He looks at me for the first time in years And tells me I’ve changed And I can’t help looking at him Completely enraged But I convince myself that it is not his fault I must have done something to provoke The appall The disgust And though I know that it is my turn…

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