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Run Little One

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Run little one From the whispering raspy voices, the vacant white-eyed stares of the ghosts watching you. Do you feel them creeping closer? Run little one From the darkness creeping in, tendrils tugging at your ankles as your feet pound against the rocks. They are getting closer. Run little one To the edge, that beckons…


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    This one is dedicated to the kids like me The kids who can’t look past the Ds and the Es The kids who try their hardest to make their parents proud, but all they get is cut down, Society expects everyone to pass these exams, But the harsh reality is, not everyone is…

Dead Butterflies

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Decades worth of unshed tears Pain locked behind bolted doors Always making sure nothing seeps out. All wrapped up in artificial flowers and dead butterflies, But they look alive! No one looks close enough to notice- that the flowers are fake and the butterflies are dead. I’m safe. A torch lit up with years’ worth…

14 lessons from 2015

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Wow, I just spent the first 5 hours of 2016 writing this. Looking back, I’d say 2015 has been an adventurous year for me. A lot has a happened and it’s taught me a few lessons. I thought would take a moment (which ended up being 5 hours) to revisit them and take a look…

The Daily Struggle

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“Winds are strong today” He said, It hit them hard He held on to his scarred hat With eyes fixed on the horizon   Their eyes were filled with hope As they sailed on ahead Looking for mullet and seer Anything that’s worth It made no difference   All of them had a single goal…

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