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Unspoken Syllables

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You dust a little sparkle on your freckled face Brush a coat of bliss Palpitations -hoping to amaze Hoping to be the tie’s koumiss You cripple with every tear Smile with every chime You treasure the eyes that speared Your soul- a blessed crime You stroll through orchards Of ripened dreams Excavating thy vein You…


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I like the colour blue, I was the colour blue, Melancholy sorrow, dreams and solitude.   In a world where most were yellow, I chose to remain blue. I refused to fall victim to this sickness, refused to let it taint my hue.   She was a fine shade of cyan when we met, her…

Same Old Dance

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As the dust settles and you slowly awake, And shake off cobwebs from that vegetative state, So you sit down alone and you steady your mind, Put into perspective all the ties that did bind. Say it loud, maybe it might help, It may give you a purpose, or so you say to yourself. With…


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I played the right melody for the wrong one too many times. Plucking these heartstrings to tunes, they’ve wanted to hear.   Strumming to their humming. Smiles it brought upon their faces. For me, I am a mad musician, Forever craving the high of approval, Attention.   The sweet symphony I’ve played for, lovers before…

Perfect Love

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If it’s the truth you seek, I can only be certain of this; my love for you has changed. I have come to accept that your heart is free to find music in anybody’s heartstrings, that I’m a mere speck of stardust in a constellation of your thoughts, that I am probably not the cure…


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This highlight reel I have saved in my head, Of the fires that burnt bright, now lay dormant and dead, The happiness, the beauty I chose not to waste, Yet all of it gone, vanished without a trace. Where did it go and why did they leave, Absence is something I choose not to grieve, It…


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Sat in a car at an empty parking lot, Two stories, both different, said by the same. The tongue spewed words, but with every pause, the eyes, they spoke differently. A hint of truth in the way tears streamed down her face. He tried to dry them, but she moved away. Afraid his touch would…

Ruin Me, With Love

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You ruin me so magnificently. It makes me jealous. No matter how hard I try, I can never ruin myself the way you do. With such delicate intricacy, You ruin me.   When I ruin myself, It is cataclysmic. It is gasping for air and drowning in it. It is blood, tears and something that…

Don’t Love Him

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Don’t love him until you have seen him argue with his Dad. Until you have seen him cry over a movie or a song. Love him when he’s late for dates. When he’s early to sleep or when he forgets to call back. When he doesn’t text at all. Don’t commit to him until you…

Dear Diary

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Dear Diary, why do I feel like the emotional side of me is simply falling apart? Today was crazy, I spent my entire day with one of my really close friends BUT when I walked into a place that was dark, shady and somewhat cozy;  a shadow overcast me. It was a shadow of nothing…

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