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An Ode To High

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We hide that sleep behind eyes, when your gaze penetrates the night. Skating on the borders of our dreams, we swim to the moon on your tide. You dance in our hearts to speak our minds. All eyes turned in – lift our fears, from darkness Into an unknown million miles to a high.  …


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Image Courtesy : https://d.ibtimes.co.uk/en/full/1448999/scream-fear-brain.jpg 


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Humans are tactile creatures. It is in our nature. But for some, it goes beyond nature, it is developed. It is an integral part of who they are. That holds true in my life. My life revolves around touch, one might say I am enslaved by it. As an artist, every piece I create is…

Blue Black Dress

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  Go Listen to this on Katha So, I’m assuming all of you have heard about the blue and black dress that recently broke the Internet, which created chaos within our minds, pushed us to question the fragile unreliability between reality and illusion some saw white and gold, others blue and black, and even though…


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Paris, my love. I hate seeing you like this; bruised and dull and busy being blue, bleeding colorless woe across oceans and beyond borders. Paris, my love, I hope you can still hear me over the soundless sound of social media litany. I stand by you, so hear me. I won’t pray for you. I…


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We said it wouldn’t matter, We’d handle ourselves like fine china Put out on display so perfectly polished, Refined and dainty. But we were raw and chaotic. Too tough to break but easily riddled with chips. And no one told us fine china was brittle. Battle scars and scrapes; Washed out in acid, dipped in…

The Artist

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Let me paint your mind, I want you to listen to the colours, the sounds they make as they melt into my canvass. Each colour has a personality, some blend well and complement one another and some tend to conceal and stand out on their own. Let me look inside and see which colours you…

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