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One Night Stand

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  My heart beat in unison With the rising crescendo of raindrops Pounding on the tin roof Announcing the arrival Of the monsoon, my love The ground still damp The air heavy and humid The distinct smell, evident The white walls turned gray The crude bruises still raw.. Everywhere I stare in dismay Lies what…

Who Am I?

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Who am I? A kind compassionate soul burdened with tolerance, Tolerance of any rebuke, any injustice, Self-defense denied by the law of obedience.   Who am I? A superhuman to toil for others, With no reward in return, Not even a single word of appreciation .    Who am I? A free spirit chastised as…

The Missing

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There will come a day when you will miss her. When you least expect it, There will be an emptiness within that you can’t quite place. You will miss her in parts. Her sleepy smile, And her complete inability to be less of anything. You will miss the way she loves and the way she…

Run Little One

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Run little one From the whispering raspy voices, the vacant white-eyed stares of the ghosts watching you. Do you feel them creeping closer? Run little one From the darkness creeping in, tendrils tugging at your ankles as your feet pound against the rocks. They are getting closer. Run little one To the edge, that beckons…

Change of Colour

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Blue and purple eyeshadows and the bloody red lipstick are the only make up my face knows. They are permanent. Painted by your fists.   I do not attempt to differ, For you will paint me again the same. Every day I beg you not to apply the same colours, But you do not seem…


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  When his knuckles broke the bridge of her nose She wilted away like a withered rose The blood stained like an ugly face painting And she fell down in pain and passed out crying. The nose healed, though a little not straight, But she only wanted to be okay, not great. For the wounds…

Unspoken Syllables

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You dust a little sparkle on your freckled face Brush a coat of bliss Palpitations -hoping to amaze Hoping to be the tie’s koumiss You cripple with every tear Smile with every chime You treasure the eyes that speared Your soul- a blessed crime You stroll through orchards Of ripened dreams Excavating thy vein You…

An Ode To High

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We hide that sleep behind eyes, when your gaze penetrates the night. Skating on the borders of our dreams, we swim to the moon on your tide. You dance in our hearts to speak our minds. All eyes turned in – lift our fears, from darkness Into an unknown million miles to a high.  …


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I played the right melody for the wrong one too many times. Plucking these heartstrings to tunes, they’ve wanted to hear.   Strumming to their humming. Smiles it brought upon their faces. For me, I am a mad musician, Forever craving the high of approval, Attention.   The sweet symphony I’ve played for, lovers before…

She Is

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She is the unyielding post in the poetic mind, tall against the artist’s fears. Of loss of mind, art mortality and never believing glory’s near. All verses flow forth unrestrained, still tethered at her slender frame. Happiness and tears in a creative inky flow, Through this pen gush onto paper from our inner open doors….

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