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    This one is dedicated to the kids like me The kids who can’t look past the Ds and the Es The kids who try their hardest to make their parents proud, but all they get is cut down, Society expects everyone to pass these exams, But the harsh reality is, not everyone is…

Don’t Love Him

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Don’t love him until you have seen him argue with his Dad. Until you have seen him cry over a movie or a song. Love him when he’s late for dates. When he’s early to sleep or when he forgets to call back. When he doesn’t text at all. Don’t commit to him until you…

Glass Of Insanity

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I’m seated by myself tonight, dead within at this terrible time. My mind needs its final end And it must come from you inside, the accursed bottle on the countertop, Calling through this hellish night.   I’ve seen the corpses of many men, strewn around my dreams. I know each name, I know each face…

Blue Black Dress

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  Go Listen to this on Katha So, I’m assuming all of you have heard about the blue and black dress that recently broke the Internet, which created chaos within our minds, pushed us to question the fragile unreliability between reality and illusion some saw white and gold, others blue and black, and even though…

I Can’t Love You, For The Sake Of God

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  Go Listen to this on Katha How can I love a man who will look me in the eye and tell me he is the greater human? Not in these exact words, But in meanings hidden in their nuances, Patriarchy lurking in the nooks and crannies of your political correctness, You’d sound progressive, intelligent,…

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