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Change of Colour

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Blue and purple eyeshadows and the bloody red lipstick are the only make up my face knows. They are permanent. Painted by your fists.   I do not attempt to differ, For you will paint me again the same. Every day I beg you not to apply the same colours, But you do not seem…


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  When his knuckles broke the bridge of her nose She wilted away like a withered rose The blood stained like an ugly face painting And she fell down in pain and passed out crying. The nose healed, though a little not straight, But she only wanted to be okay, not great. For the wounds…


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All the world is a masquerade. And everyone is masked. Their flaws – forever hidden, No questions can be asked.   The world is nothing but a masquerade, Truth is no more strong. Expression is now forbidden ground, Where has Man gone wrong?   The ball gowns are breathtaking, The music makes you whole. But…

Preach Hate

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We live in a country where love is practiced in hushed tones Under the privacy of an umbrella, In the confines of a room of a run-down establishment. And hatred – Hatred is practiced in broad daylight. In a fence, a scream, a kick to the gut, In the mutilation of a national flag. In…

The Monsters Under Your Bed

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You know, that feeling you get when you are totally clueless about what to do in your life? That moment when you think about where you come from, where you are now and where you want to be in the future? That feeling that gives you chills and stresses you out because you have no…

I Know Nothing

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Go Listen to this on Katha You tell me I know nothing of sorrow When sorrows been my only friend You tell me you know how I feel While all my life I’ve been trying to heal From the pain of being misread You say I know nothing of pain While the scars on me…

Rules of a Sri Lankan Man

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  To be a true and honest Sri Lankan man, you need to make pedestrian women feel as uncomfortable as you possibly can. Honk your horns at her. Wolf whistle. Let her see the lust and longing, as you slowly undress her with your eyes, when you sit across her in a train. Do this…


Spread the Love

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And the label read, “Spread the Love.” I was at a wedding last night and the only thing more beautiful than the unison of two hearts, and of course the food, was the little bottles of jam on each table, instead of wedding cake. It wasn’t the foodie in me that loved the strawberry and…

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