The Mermaid


Don’t fall in love with a Mermaid. If you do, you run the risk of never being able to feel that love again because it’s magical, something you won’t find in coffee shops or desolate motels. This is the kind of love that stays with you forever, one you carry around in the craters of your body, it is the after taste you’ll have when you’re done eating someone’s mind food. Some days you’ll stay up remembering what it felt like, and on horrible days, she is the only thing you’ll need, the one constant thought that isn’t decaying like all the rest. You can’t let go of something that’s conflated into your soul.

She swam in the darkest depths of your mind, making friends with your monsters. Is it because she was one of them?

I think the best part is no one will ever believe you when you talk about this love, because to them I do not exist, and you will never find the right words to express what you feel; to make them understand. So you will hold this unbearable pain within, while the weight of it crushes your heart. It is a pity that people don’t come with a warning label.


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