Humans are tactile creatures. It is in our nature. But for some, it goes beyond nature, it is developed. It is an integral part of who they are. That holds true in my life.

My life revolves around touch, one might say I am enslaved by it. As an artist, every piece I create is the result of sensual hours spent focused on touch. The soft strokes of a pencil creating curves against the paper, the smooth glide of the graphite as it creates shadows and illusions for the eye to see. Every minuscule detail, done with varying pressure and varying strokes, all the touch of pen to paper.  The liquid touch of a paintbrush, first against the palette and then against paper, the delicate pressure one applies to watch the colors mingle and blend, creating beautiful textures, it revolves around touch.  Each stroke of a knife against a block of wood, with each shaving that falls to the ground, as it changes before one’s eyes to reveal the masterpiece within, touch.

As a musician, I once again find my life revolving around touch. The feeling of running my fingers along the keys of a piano is almost erotic in its sensation, it’s a sense of euphoria and a sense of belonging. The rapidity of the movement and the ever-changing pressure on the keys, the essentials to recreating a classical piece is the result of the touch of fingers against keys. Sitting at a piano,  my fingers flying across the keys, I’m at peace,  transported into a realm beyond this earth we walk on.

Letting my fingers press against the frets of a guitar, the other hand sweeping against the strings, it’s a sensation which I will never tire of. It’s a comforting touch and one that can make the darkest day become one of joy. Oooh, but the violin.. the mother of all instruments! The very embodiment of sensual touch… The way one feels their way across the tiny fret, and the gentle yet firm caressing touch of the bow against the strings.. It is simply beautiful.

The long, clear notes that brighten an orchestral piece and the beautifully playful pizzicato notes, touch.

Art and music, aspects of life which I love.. aaah but love, to be in love and to be loved; once again revolves around touch. The first time you hold the hand of someone you love,  the searing warmth that makes you feel close to them. Touch. A first kiss, touch. Just pure, glorious touch. The sensation of being held close, in the arms of someone who loves you… touch that makes you fall in love with them just a bit more. The deliciously sensual, yet warming touch of a kiss against one’s forehead, reassuring, loving, a sensation one never tires of. The touch of someone wrapping their arms around you and pulling you close in a caressing embrace, the touch of running one’s hand through someone’s hair as their lips touch yours… Touch. And sometimes it’s touch that makes you realize the truth, how just one touch makes you realize that you love someone,  and how that very same touch makes that love unbearable as it will never be reciprocated. Touch that is revealing in its intensity yet one you crave all the more.

It is breathtakingly beautiful to contemplate that just one touch could make all the difference. So here I am, a slave to touch. We humans are tactile creatures after all.


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