We belong to the generation
Brought up in suspicion.
We were taught to suspect the other,
The dark skinned,
The ones with red dots,
The slight edge to the accent.
We were taught to be vigilant,
Of live bombs, that would
Set themselves a blast,
Of parcels left unattended,
Surprise gifts that would kill.

We belong to the generation,
Brought up in distrust.
We were taught not to trust the other,
The lighter skinned,
The ones without red dots,
The common dialect of the mass.
We were taught to be vigilant,
Of sirens and air raids,
To hide underground,
To be cautious in the ways,
Of attire and demeanor.

And sometimes
that’s what’s wrong with teaching.
We were taught the wrong things,
That seemed right for that time,
And now it needs great effort,
To unlearn and forget somethings…


Image Courtesy: http://muscularchristianityonline.com

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